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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Henry Brody's 1929 Douglas Motorbike

Henry Brody is 76 and the U.K. Veteran Class Motorcycle Sprint Champion. "Veteran" refers to the age of the bike, not the rider; Henry regularly annihilates people almost 60 years younger on the quarter-mile track. The bike itself is over 80 and probably hasn't had as many parts replaced as its rider.

Henry has one eye, an artificial hip and a pacemaker, and says, "'Once you give up and you're just sitting around at home all day, life's over really." Well done. You've just been made to feel bad about using the Internet by a speeding septuagenarian.

Further proof that Brody is really an escaped comic-book character: He gets help maintaining his classic motorcycle from Bill Douglas, the grandson of the founder of the bike's original manufacturer. He probably spends time between races solving crimes and catching drug dealers.

Text via: sportbikeclub.com

Photo courtesy: Barcroft

Complete article: dailymail.co.uk - Going-throttle-76-motorbike-champion-eye-artificial-hip-pacemaker


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